Sunday, March 26, 2006

March update

Wow, one a month for 2006. Don't worry, it won't last :)

What's happened since the last update... let's see. Lise has had the work completed on the house, and we've got it on the market now. We're listing it at $299 - $311 at the advice of our Real Estate agent. I am not sure if we employed REAL-TOR, the epic beast of Lore. Sorry, stupid inside joke. It's not worth explaining, but Lise will laugh if she ever reads this.

I have moved into Marty's office at work. We aren't replacing his position, instead my title has been re-worked and I am taking on many of the responsibilities of the former manager position. I'm pretty happy with this move - I'm not sure that it made sense to bring someone in to manage me where I would have to train them on almost all of the site specific things. I also hope to have many of the cross-over duties that were part of my department transitioned back into the groups where they fit.

We have been looking at houses here in Tillamook. So far there haven't been that many that stood out, but we have seen one that we would have bought. Since we are only buying one, that is a pretty good thing :) Unfortunately it sold already, but we aren't in a position to buy a new place until we get out of the other one in San Diego.

I signed up for Google's new page creator. It's pretty nice, but I still think there are things they could have done better. As far as I can tell, there isn't a way to include a file - so it looks like you can't take advantage of simple things like including a set of links on a side navigation. It seems petty, but if I had a lot of pages to update, I'm not sure I could work with their tool.

Maybe that's the point, though.

Daniel came down to a retreat in Seaside, so we went up to the Thai restaurant in Cannon Beach. I was pretty happy with it. It's not Di Chan in San Diego, but it isn't bad. I'll definitely go back. Marty told me that he thought it was closing down, but I didn't see any indication of that. Actually, it could have been Christie or Brenna that told me that.

I need to clean up the house again. It seems like I just did this! Ugh. I say Ugh a lot in these blog entries.


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