Monday, February 28, 2005

Uneventful Weekend

Not much going on here. This weekend was pretty standard.

Friday night was a poker tournament over at Mike's house. I did pretty badly :) I was the second person eliminated out of 10. I've never played in a tournament before, and I can't say that I really enjoyed it.

Saturday was laundry day. We cleaned up the entire house as well - so there was much complaining and soreness Sunday. Luckily, we only had to watch a hockey game. San Diego was victorious over the Idaho Steelheads. It was a pretty good game.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Even More Rain

I've added some pictures... last night Lise and I walked down to the river. The flash wasn't very effective, sorry to say. I was going to get up on the steps of the trolley but there was a sleepy bum up there. We left him alone.

The Gallery is here.

OK. Off to sleep.

Monday, February 21, 2005

More Rain

Well, the river was flooded again today. This is the fifth or sixth time this year that they have shut down the road that Lise's bus travels on. When the river is flooding we go from 4 ways to get to our house down to two - and one of those has the added bonus of having a steep slope that is prone to having rock slides when it rains.


I'm going to send the camera with Lise tomorrow - hopefully we can get a few daylight shots of the flooded river. None of the nighttime shots we've taken have really come out. I'm tempted to walk down now and try again though - sounds like it is starting up again.

Lake Hodges is at 100% and about to start spilling over the dam. This wouldn't be as impressive if it hadn't been at 15% three months ago. The lake apparently holds 12,000,000,000 gallons of water - that's twelve billion. I can't find a site with that exact figure now - maybe it was millions. Here's a link to the story on our NBC affiliate. NBC 7/39.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Our DVD collection

Well, I finally entered all of the UPC codes of our DVD collection into a program that tracks them... a nice side effect of this is that we have an online link to all of our movies.

Click here to view our DVD Collection.

For some reason it defaults to showing the most recently added first, which is great except that I ordered them alpahbetically, so it starts with Young Sherlock Holmes. If you click the "All" button it will show the entire collection in alphabetical order.

Neat! This is current as of right now, and I'm actually keeping it farily up to date. If I can figure out how to do the wishlist I will add some stuff there.

Also, while I'm here, if you so desire - our Amazon wishlist is located here: Amazon Wishlist. Lise put the note "Lise" in the comments field for items that she wants. We're not asking anyone to buy us these things, but if you wanted to that would be great! We probably don't already own the items on our wishlist :)

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Anza Borrego Trip

We drove for about two hours today to go see the wildflowers at the Anza Borrego state park. Now, it was pretty nice - but the guys running the parks website misled us a little.

It was worth the trip, but I was hoping to see more. Here's a sample of what we saw:

For more, check out the public portion of our gallery

Friday, February 04, 2005

Check out the Gallery

You know, there really isn't anything here other than the gallery. We use this domain for our email accounts and to hold all of our pictures. I doubt that we are going to do much more with it, but I'll still set all of this up and then no one will ever see it.


So... the gallery. You may want to bookmark it.

There are many pictures online. You can only see the Petco park pictures if you don't log in. I sent most of you a password in your Christmas card a few years back. If you can't remember what it was, send me an email and I'll let you know. For privacy reasons I can't open up the entire site -- sorry. The email address that I check most frequenty is aaron.zimmerman (and here's where I put a lot of stuff to keep spammers from getting it) I'm bad at checking email in general - sorry again. You can try my first name at this domain as well, but I get a ton of spam and don't really read through too carefully when I'm deleting it out. When I say a ton, I'm talking around 100 or more junk mail messages a day, and I check my mail about once every two weeks.

By the way, if you have difficulty getting the site to recognize that you have logged in, click on the Petco gallery and then use the navigation at the top of the page to return to the main menu. This Gallery software is a little bit buggy on Firefox and Mozilla, but I can't complain for the price (free).


Watch in amazement as I once again utterly abandon an online journal! Marvel at how quickly I manage to forget to update this. Impress your friends with the knowledge that I will never post here again!

They say that you should get three exclamation points in your lifetime. I just blew them all.

I hope you are happy.