Sunday, December 18, 2005

December Update

So if you've been playing along with the home version, you'd know that Lise was coming up on Tuesday. She finishes up her finals on Tuesday afternoon and hops on a plane for a short flight to Portland. Tuesday night will be spent at Ross' house, and then she'll be taking the into town.

I should probably clean up the house so it looks like I claim it looks when we're talking on the phone :)

I was reading back through the first few entries on this blog, and it occurs to me that it's pretty funny that I was posting every time it rained in San Diego. That used to be a rare sight for me. Today, Portland was pretty much shut down by freezing rain, snow, and ice - and the coast is getting hammered with high winds and rain. It's been below freezing at least 25 times already... and I haven't mentioned it yet.

I hope tomorrow morning that the roads are OK over the Wilson river highway. I still worry about Don commuting over that - he's our former infrastructure guy who took a job in Portland. He hasn't moved yet, and he's commuting daily over the coastal range. That's not something I would want to do.

I'm still looking for a house here, but I can't really buy one until I sell the condo in San Diego. My lease at the new apartment here in Tillamook lasts until August, so I either need to keep this place while I work on the new one, or wait until August to buy.

I hope we can get into a place here in early May or June.