Wednesday, January 18, 2006

10:45 on the loneliest day in the world

Ok, maybe not that loney, but it was a good title.

Lise just left today for San Diego and the last four months that we have to spend apart before she moves up here to Oregon full time. We're officially spending more time living apart at this point than we have at any point since we started dating, and she lived in Seattle and I lived in San Diego when that all started.

Marty quit today. Bastard. I am a resentful, jealous person. I wish I didn't have to work, but I don't have independently wealthy money sitting around anywhere. Truth be told, I don't think Marty does either, but he has enough to make it by for a few years before things would get interesting. I'm sure he'll be bored of surfing, having a good time, and taking it easy by then. :( Why can't I test my luck like that?

So I'm sitting here right now waiting for a guy halfway across the world to read my email and call me back so that I can potentially destroy a system that I have been in charge of for mere hours. It's times like this that I wonder what I'm getting myself into. Luckily, I'm a smart bastard and I can usually get myself out of any jams that I get into. We'll see if my luck holds.

The good news is I've done everything possible that I can do before making this semi-destructive step, including 3 different methods of backing up a server that can't be backed up. I'm nothing if not thorough.

Whee. I guess I'll give him 15 more minutes before I give up. He's supposed to be working until 4am Central time, but I suspect that he isn't in Central time. Just a hunch. :)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

January Update

Christmas, etc. Or how I've spent the last month...

On the 23rd of December we loaded up the cat in her carrier, and took off towards Portland - then Seattle. This sounded like a good idea before we did it - I mean who wants to leave the cat at home when you could just bring her with you on the road trip?

This was our first road trip to Seattle from Tillamook, and I have to say that our estimates of how long it would take were a bit off. We left here around 11 and ended up in Seattle somewhere around 6 pm. The cat *almost* made it all the way without incident on the way there, but 5 miles from Lise's familial home she couldn't take it any longer, so the end of the trip was more exciting than it should have been.

Did I mention that our cat hates the car? She loathes it. For the entire trip, she probably averaged 15 cries per hour. I counted at one point. We've tried Ace and Xanax, but neither one has been terribly successful. I think next time we'll go back to the Ace because it seemed to work better on the trip here from California.

Christmas was fun... but quick. We saw James and Ross over at James' house, and we were able to check out Daniel's new home/office/hopeless bachelor pad in Bothell. That boy is going to have a really hard time getting a woman to come over to that place, it couldn't be more "I am the alpha geek male" vibe if you threw Bill Gates in there in a speedo.

D's was nice for Christmas and we saw Barbie and John. The cats did not make an appearance. I probably could have gone downstairs to find them but I was not interested in scoping out the coat rack.

Kira and Licorice didn't really get along too well at the parent's house. Licorice was fine if she was sleeping, but I think she enjoyed waking up and making us scramble to move Kira. Note to self: bring bungee cords next time.

Work has been good. We had a net admin for a few weeks but we no longer do. I'm still not entirely sure what was up there. My boss has given notice and is likely to end up in a mariachi band, on the amazing race, or potentially teaching highschool. Some people shouldn't have the luxury of having enough money to get by without working. Bastard. I'm just a bit jealous.

Other than that, not much else is going on here. The cat is happy to be home and Lise and I are not happy that she is leaving in a little bit, but we're almost done
with this crazy two location thing we have going on. Bleh.

One day Lise will actually write an entry here. Ha.