Sunday, February 19, 2006

Life goes on

A month later. I still don't have the stupid SharePoint portal fixed. I think I resent SharePoint 2001 more than I have any other piece of software in a few years. How inelegant, oh SP2001. Why it couldn't have been SharePoint 2003 -- oh why.


Lise has been kicking ass back at the condo. She has scheduled popcorn ceiling testing, removal, and has now painted the entire place except for the kitchen and bathroom. The office is staying blue from our honeymoon remodeling job of 2002.

New carpet comes tomorrow. Discover card has already pulled my card once this remodelling job :) We'll see if they freak out and turn it off again. I paid our car insurance, carpet, and some other stuff all over a three day span and my average balance is usually under $1000, so we hit some sort of fraud prevention. They do this to me once every 6 months or so. I wish they would just call me instead of disabling everything, but I have changed phone numbers 4 times without updating them, so I suppose I can give them a pass on that one.

I really should get some of this stuff done that I am currently not doing. I'm procrastinating doing a few things right now that I should get on, but I don't want to start them. I think this is a reality avoidance procedure, which is pretty dumb, because I am much worse off if I don't get going and do this stuff.


Time to wash the month old dishes :) I'm kidding, I'm kidding.